Work Circles-9

Comprehensive list of Completed,
in-process & Proposed Civil Works accross
different Sector(s) & Villages of Noida, FY:2013-14
1. Sector Wise
2. Vill. Nagli Wajidpur
3. Vill. Nagla Nagli
4. Vill. Nagli Khaspur
5. Vill. Yakudpur
6. Vill. Manglori
7. Vill. Chaprauli
8. Vill. Mohiyaarpur
9. Vill. Dallupura
10. Vill. Sultanpur
11. Vill. Raipur
12. Vill. Bakhtawarpur
13. Vill. Shahpur-Gorwardhanpur
14. Vill. Asgarpur
15. Vill. Rohillapur
FY:2013-14 Month wise
1. December-2013

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