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Property Related Formalities & Forms

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Procedure For Transacting Property Related Matters


Permission for transfer of property in favour of prospective transferee. (there is a prescribed tr. application form)
Permission for transfer of property amongst blood relations i.e. amongst father, mother, son, daughter and also between husband and wife.
Permission for transfer of property on demise of the allottee to his legal heirs or to other beneficiary (s).
4 Permission for Co-allotteeship
Permission to mortgage the property to clear noida's dues, raise construction, set up the unit or stablishment.
Mortgage permission for use of the premises as collateral security Issuing duplicate documents
7 Issuing duplicate documents
8 Grant extension to raise construction or set up unit/establishment
9 Grant extension to execute lease deed/transfer deed
10 Accepting Power of Attorney
11 Issuing Mutation letter on receipt of the transfer deed
12 Issuing Functional letter(Industrial/Commercial/Institutional)
13 Permitting Change in Constitution (Industrial / Commercial / Institutional)
14 Renting Permission (Industrial/ Institutional)
15 Change / Addition of Project / Change of Use (Industrial / Commercial)

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