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Provision of adequate uninterrupted power supply is crucial for industrial production. As a special case. NOIDA has been declared free from all power cuts zone by the Uttar Pradesh State Government to ensure sustainable industrial growth. The present demand of electrical load is 200 MVA at 220 KV. The expected power demand during the year 2000-2001 shall be 280 MW and by 2011 shall be 475 MW.

The U.P. State Electricity Board (UPSEB) is providing the power supply to NOIDA. Noida has a well developed and efficient Power Distribution Network. Uninterrupted power supply. 160 MVA surplus power is available at 220/132 KV. Immediate load sanction and release of power. Further development and expansion of substations are under way

Status of Electricity in NOIDA

202/132 KV Sub Station at Sector - 20 with an existing capacity of 220/132 KV - 2 x 260 MVA

132/33 KV Sub Stations:

Existing: 4 Nos.
At Sector - 20: Capacity 3 x 40 MVA = 120 MVA
At Village Bhangel viz. Phase - II Extension: Capacity 40 MVA At Sector 62: Capacity 40 MVA
At Industrial Area Phase - II: Capacity 40 MVA

33/11 KV Sub Stations:

Existing: 33 Nos.
Capacity: 201 MVA (26 MVA is fed from 132/33 KV Surajpur Sub Station)

Under Construction :
4 Nos. Capacity 40 MVA

Proposed by 2001 : 8 Nos. Capacity 80 MVA

Surplus power available at 33/11 KV and 132/33 Sub Station is 15 MVA

Surplus power available at 220/132 KV - is 160 MVA

Plans are being considered to hand over power distribution to a company with private sector participation. This company which will be jointly promoted by the Noida Authority and a private sector company, will take up systems upgradation with a view to ensure quality and uninterrupted power supply to industries; plans are also on the anvil for starting power generation

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