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List of Existing Foreign Collaborations Units / Joint Ventures of Noida Industrial Complex :

S.No. Location Type of Industries Country Name of Unit
1. 45/A/8/I Readymade Garments Brazil Carefree Clothing Co. P. Ltd.
2. 44/B/PH - II Pharmaceutical, Medical Aids and Cosmetics Brazil Silver Oak Laboratories P. Ltd.
3. 16/A/HC Mineral Water Canada Beltex Canadian Water Ltd.
4. 5/B/81/2 Brass Hardware France Cannect International Ltd.
5. 55/C/PH - II Chemical Printing Inks .France Coates of India Ltd.
6. 41/A/HC & 42/A/HC Food Processing / Dairy France Dabon International Ltd.
7. 6/D/59/3 Auto parts Automobiles France Minda Huf Ltd.
8. 207A/B/PH - II Textile / Garments Optical France Sports and Leisure Apparel Ltd.
9. 97/A/58/3 Software France M/S Anish & Co. P. Ltd.
10. 60/C/PH - II Electronics and Telecommunications Computers Germany AVK - SEG & Control (I) Ltd.
11. 36/A/60/3 Homeopathic Medician .Germany Dr. Willmar Schwabe India P. Ltd.
12. 127/B/5/1 Autoparts / Automobiles Germany Minda Huf Ltd.
13. 82/D/6/1 Automobiles Parts Germany Motherson Pudenz Fuse Ltd.
14 205/B/Ph - 2 Colour & Black & White TV Germany Onida Savak Ltd.
15. 5/B/58/3 Pan Mashala Germany Dharam Pal Sat Pal
16. 14/C/57/3 Hydrolic Presses Germany STI Special Technology India Ltd.
17. 58/C/PH -II Electrical and Air Conditioners Switch Board Germany Telemecaniqui & Control (I) Ltd.
18. 188/B/PH - II Electrical and Air Conditioners Switch Board Germany Subros Ltd.
19. 27/C/58/3 Electrical and Air Conditioners Switch Board Germany Wago Control India Ltd.
20. 2/D/8/1 Colour TV & Monitor Hong Kong Hotline Display P. Ltd.
21. 27/A/HC/2 Textile / Garments Japan I. M. X. Exports Ltd.
22. 1/A/81/2 Electrical / Air Conditioners Japan Keihin Panalfa Ltd.
23. 52/C/PH-II Electronics & Telecommunication / Computers Japan Matsushita Television & Audio (I) Ltd
24. 6/B/81/2 Autoparts And Automobiles Japan Moriroku UT India (P) Ltd.
25. 6/C/1/1 & 7/C/1/1 Wiring Horns etc Japan Motherson Sumi System Ltd.
26. 14/A/5/1 Electrical / Air conditioners Japan Nihin Engg. P. Ltd. Tenant of Bru Lamps P. Ltd.
27. 45/B/PH - II Autoparts / Automobiles Japan Precision Pipes Projiles Ltd.
28. 31/B/80/2 Electronics Japan Salora International Ltd.
29. 91/D/HC/ to 96/D/HC Japan SMC Plartimics (P) Ltd.
30. 1A/C/1/1 & 1B/C/1/1 Autoparts And Automobiles Japan Motherson Sumi System Ltd.
31. 6/A/81/2 Automobile Japan TS Tech Sun India Ltd.
32. 12/C/1/1 Colour TV Korea Lucky Electronics P. Ltd.
33. 5/B/1/1 Ice Cream Yogrt Alied Milk Food Korea M/S Omar Milk Foods P. Ltd.
34. 58/D/HC Automotive Lighting Equipments & Other Automobile Parts Korea Fiem Sung San (India) Ltd.
35. 79/F/8/1 & 80/F/8/1 Metal Plastic Spectacle Frames & Components Korea M/S GM Eye Wear P. Ltd.
36. 14/C/PH - II Plastic Injection Molds Korea Koa Tools India P. Ltd.
37. 98/A/58/3 Electrical Appliances Korea M/S Supreet Appliences Tenant LG Electronics India Ltd.
38. 57/A/4/1 Garment Fabrication Korea LML Ltd.
39. 1/B/81/219 Electronics Korea Samsung Electronic India Ltd.
40. 198/B/PH - II Electrical and Air conditioners Taiwan Subros Ltd.
41. 79/A/58/3 Polyed UK Amchem Products (P) Ltd.
42. 59/A/B/7/1 Electronics and Telecom UK MI Brush Gear (P) Ltd.
43. 8/A/60/3 Textile / Garments UK Niryat Sam Apperals India Ltd.
44. 128/B/6/1 Aluminum Steel Structures Like Grils Diffuses & Damper UK Ravistal India (P) Ltd.
45. 200/B/PH -II High Breaking Capacity Minitaure USA IO Kupp Ltd.
46. 32/D/59/3 Leather Shoes USA M & B Footwear (P) Ltd.
47. 5/F/8/1 Textile / Garments USA Merchandue Testing Laboratory I Ltd
48. 10/A/59/3 Control & Refrigirator USA Cary Aire Equipments P. Ltd.
49. 196/B/PH - II Air conditioners USA Subros Ltd.
50. 197/B/ PH -II Electrical / Air conditioners USA Subros Ltd.
51. 216/B/Phase - II Auto Ancillary USA Subros Ltd.
52. 51/C/PH -II Car Air Conditioning USA Subros Ltd.
53. 13B/PH -II Texturing Twisting of Poly yarn USA M/S Ssiwani Synthetics Ltd.
54. 190/B/Ph -II Watches USA Timex Watches Ltd.

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