Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When did NOIDA come into existence?
  2. What are the objectives of the Authority
  3. How to get allotment of plot/property in NOIDA?
  4. How to know about the procedures for various transactions to be done with NOIDA pertaining to properties?
  5. How to get various formats?
  6. How to deposit documents?
  7. How to get grievances redressed?
  8. Are you making repeated visits to NOIDA?
  9. How to make payments to NOIDA?
  10. How to obtain sanction of building plan/completion certificate?
  11. How to access information under Right to Information Act?


  1. NOIDA came into existence on 17th April, 1976 under UP Industrial Area Development Act 1976. Acronym NOIDA is for the Authority (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) as well as for the township (New Okhla Industrial Development Area).

  2. The objectives of the Authority are to acquire land in the notified area through Govt. of UP under Land Acquisition Act 1894 or by way of agreement, to prepare Master Plan for development of the area, to demarcate and develop sites for various land uses, to allot plot/properties as per regulations, to regulate the erection of buildings and setting up industries and to provide infrastructure and amenities.

  3. Allotments of plots/properties for various land uses such as industrial/ commercial/ institutional/ residential/group housing/ housing are made by the Authority under various schemes advertised from time to time. The procedure for allotment and eligibility of the applicants are contained in the brochure of the schemes. The details of the current scheme (s) are available on web site of the Authority i.e. noidaauthorityonline.com.

  4. Policy & procedure booklets for various land uses such as industrial/ commercial/ institutional/ residential/ group housing/ housing are available with Canara Bank/Vijaya Bank/State Bank of Patiala, Sector-6, NOIDA against payment of prescribed charges. These booklets are also available with the Reception Office for perusal and return.

  5. Transfer application form for transfer of various properties are available with authorized banks against payment of prescribed charges. Formats for other transactions can be obtained on request from the concerned Department without any charges.

  6. Various documents alongwith forwarding letter giving list of documents can be submitted at the Reception Office in a sealed envelope against issue of receipt.

  7. Concerned AGM/DGM/GM/Project Engineer, Sr. Project Engineer can be contacted on  any working day between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM for redressal of any grievance related to the allotted property or civic amenity. If not satisfied with his decision, the allottee can submit representation at the Reception Counter for consideration of the Grievance Redressal Committee. Such representation shall be placed before the Grievance Redressal Committee i.e. Standing Committee in the forthcoming meeting on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, where the allottee can also present his case, if desires.

  8. In case you are not satisfied with disposal of your representation, you may approach the Chief Executive Officer with brief facts of the case in writing on any working day between 12.00 AM to 1.30 PM.

  9. All payment should be made through demand draft/pay order drawn in favour of NOIDA payable at NOIDA/Delhi/New Delhi in one of the banks authorized by NOIDA. Deposit challans giving details  of various heads are available in the authorized bank branches.
    Provision has also been made with CBS/Core banking branches of the following banks to accept online NOIDA payment anywhere. Challans for making online payment are available with such branches and also on our website i.e. noidaauthorityonline.com

  10.  Building plan prepared as per the building bye-laws of the Authority by an Architect affiliated to the Council of Architects, can be submitted at the Reception Counter alongwith requisite documents. Building plans for residential plots upto 450 sq.mt. and industrial and institutional plots upto 1000 sq.mt. being submitted shall be treated to be deemed sanctioned at the time of their submission. Completion certificate duly prepared by the Architect, under whose supervision the construction has been carried out, can be submitted alongwith requisite documents at the Reception Counter. Completion certificate after site verification shall be issued within 30 days.

  11. The Office of Right to Information Officer is situated in Admn. Block, Sector-6, NOIDA. All relevant informations covered under RTI Act can be had through this office as per the procedure laid down in the Act. Appeal against non receipt of information/incomplete information can be submitted to the Appellant Authority through RTI Office.

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