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The beginning of 1976 witnessed many leaps and bounds in the development journey of NOIDA. In the development of industrial, residential, commercial and institutional sectors, there have been many ups and downs. In the last few years, the Authotity adopted many industry-friendly, pro-public measures provided by the Govt. and aimed at removing the irksome procedural formalities to make the bureaucracy functional and to eliminate the delays. And these ateps have gone a long way in accomplishing the task before us. Some of the steps taken in this direction are enumerated below:

Allotment of industrial plots/sheds in Phase-I is made on the basis of sealed Tenders.
Allotment of plots upto 2000 sq.mtr. in Phase II and III is made through the schemes advertised from time to time.
The allotment of plots upto 2000 sq.mtr. is made through draw of lots after including all the applicants of this category provided they have applied for a permitted project. The allotment is done through draw of lots which is phase wise and area category wise. The applicants also obtain specific location of their plot through this draw.
Allotment of plots above 2000 sq.mtr. on Phase II & III is made on the basis evaluation of the project and interview of the applicant by the Screening Committee and approved of CEO through schemes announced from time to time

Change of Project
Now Authority has chalked out a negative list of projects. For projects which are not covered in the negative list entrepreneurs can straight away go ahead with the project and they have simply to inform the Authority regarding the change and no approval is necessary.

Mortgage Permission
Now the practice of taking permission for mortgage has been done away with in cases where full premium and one time least rent has been paid

Simplification of various levies such as transfer/CIC charges.
renting charges and time extension charges
Now thw Authority has simplified the method of calculation. Now trasfer/CIC/renting/time extension charges are levied on flat rate basis. This system has given the entrepreneurs a transparent working atmosphere and they do not need to go through a cumbersome procedure of calculation.

Increase in time and reduction in extention charges for making it functional. Now period of 2 years for built up shops and 3 years for commercial plot is given without charged for making the commercial unit functional. In case of non functional within this time, payble extension charges are: 1st year :- 5% of total premium. 2nd year :- 7.5% of total premium. 5th year and thereafter :- 10% of total premium. 4th year :- 15% of total premium. 5th year and thereafter :- 20% of total premium

Time allowed for making the commercial properties functional after transfer. Now a period of 1 year is given without charges to the transferee to make the commercial unit functional. Now in case of transfer of commercial properties in blood relation i.e. in favour of father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter, and vice versa, the commercial unit shall deemed functional in favour of transferee and no documents are required to be submitted for functioning of commercial unit

Construction of building/compounding levy. Now the allottees can start construction after submission of building plans without waiting for the approval provided it is certified to be as per the building bye laws by an Architect. Now only setbacks and height will be restricted and restrictions of inner construction has been done away with.

Issue of challans for deposit of outstandings of various charges. Now the procedure is simplified. Challans are available in the various banks. Allottees can now calculate the levies/outstanding dues according to their own calculation and deposit it in the bank. Thaey have just to submit a copy of the challan to the authority in order to update authority's record.

Residential Plots Deparment
Transfer Premission
The procedure for transfer permission has been made simplified. Allottees and prospective buyers are required to submit joint application along with original title documents, processing fee and transfer charges. After scrutiny of submitted documents, transfer permission is granted if upto date dues are clear.

Built-up Houses
Allotment of Flats
The residual Houses/New Schems are being allotted on Manual Draw Plots.

Mortgage Permission
now the condition of mortgage permission has been extended to the allottees for raising loan from Pvt. financial Institutional duly recognized and authorised by R.B.I and N.H. Bank

Transfer Permission
Now transfer is permitted after payment of transfer of charges @ 10% of allotted total premium.

Non-Conventional Education
It is allotted under an open ended scheme rate in unstitutional sector and at residential plot rates in the respective sector.

Allotments of Green institutional area.
Applicants desirous of establishing institutions for heigher education of national/international standards are allotted min. 20 hec. of Green Institutional with a provision that 25% area (free of any premium) would be kept pure green free of any construction/encroachments.

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