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New Okhla Industrial Development Authority
Issue of Functional letter to Industrial/Commercial/Institutional allottees .
Application on plain paper (on letter head of Firm/Company/Society/Trust as the case may be) can be submitted by the allottee in the concerned office along with the following documents:-
1 No dues certificate regarding upto date payment of dues from concerned Accounts Officer .
2 An affidavit by the allottee declaring date of functioning in the prescribed format
3 Copy of the occupancy/completion certificate .
4 Industrial allottees can give an affidavit in the prescribed format in lieu of Sl. 3 above
5 Documentary evidence in support of Sl. 2 above, such as copy of Permanent SSI Registration Certificate/Copy of SIA Registration/Copy Trade Tax Registration alongwith Assessment Orders/STPI Registration (for IT/ITES units)/Shop Establishment Registration (for shops/commercial enterprise), Meter Sealing Certificate, Electricity consumption bill, copy of ESI Registration, copy of PF Registration/deposit statement, copy of Bank statement, copy of Income Tax Assessment Orders/Returns, copy of sale & purchase bills etc .
6 Industrial units not registered as SSI units shall be inspected by a team of two officers nominated by AGM/DGM/GM Industries for issue of functional letter
7 Functional letter issued to the allottee shall hold good to his successor(s)/legal heir(s) on his demise. However, the date of functioning in favour of such successor(s)/legal heir(s) shall be treated the date of their coming on record of the Authority .
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