Master Plan

Building Regulation

The Policies & Procedures for Industrial Property Managemen

A. Transfer of Industrial Property(s) 2
B. Change in Shareholding 3
C. Change in Constitution 5
D. Change in Name 7
E. Change of Directors 7
F. Renting of Industrial Premises 7
G. Declaration of Industrial Premises as Functional 9
H. Extension of the Time Period for Implementing the Project 10
I. Mortgage 10
J. Surrender 11
K. Violation of Terms and Conditions 11
L. Restoration of Industrial Plot/Shed 11
M. Change/Addition in Project 12
N. Amalgamation 12
O. Conversion 13
P. Industrial Facilities 13
Q. Industrial Sectors 14
R. Miscellaneous 14
S. Procedure of Allotment 15
  Annexure-A 16
  Annexure-B 20
  Annexure-C 21

Download Industrial Policies & Procedures as pdf
List of Allotments made in last two years
Inspection procedure and checklist for obtaining construction permit
Allocation of Inspectors for inspection
List of inspected plots in last 2 years
Computerized allocation of inspectors
Inspection procedure and checklist for obtaining occupancy/ Completion Certificate
Inspected plots for completion in last two years
Accreditation programs and clear responsibilities for professionals including architects and engineers engaged in the construction process
Mandatory qualifications for architects and structural engineers in the uniform building by-law applicable in State
Procedure and a comprehensive list of documents for Building Cell
List Industrial Plantations
Office Orders for Facilitating Ease of Doing Business

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