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Permitting Change in Constitution (Industrial/Commercial/Institutional plot/premises).
Application on letter head of Firm/Company/ Society/ Trust as the case may be can be submitted by the allottee in the concerned office along with the following documents:-
1 No dues certificate regarding upto date payment of dues from concerned Accounts Officer
2 Certified copy of Partnership Deed/Amended Partnership Deed/Dissolution Deed, Certificates issued by Registrar of Firms (Form A, B & C)/Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company, Certificate of Commencement of Business, certified copy of List of Directors and List of Shareholders (not required if the company is listed with Stock Exchange), copy of the intimation about Directors/Shareholders sent to the Registrar of Companies (Form 32) certified copy of Board Resolution
3 Payment deposit challan about payment of transfer charges in Noida' account in one of the authorized banks shall be required to be enclosed in original
4 No CIC charges shall be applicable if the incoming partner/shareholder is any of the following relationship of the original allottee(s)
- Father, mother, grand parents, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband/wife, grandson/grand daughter, wife of son/son-in-law, husband of grand daughter, wife of grandson and vice-versa (applicable for industrial plot/premises).
- Father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife and vice-versa (applicable for commercial and institutional plot/premises).
- An affidavit to the above effect shall be required in the prescribed format .
5 The allottee shall be required to retain minimum 25% shareholding in the changed constitution as per terms and conditions of brochure/allotment/ lease deed for a period of 3 years. In commercial department change in constitution shall be permitted as per terms of brochure of the relevant scheme
6 Change in constitution prior to execution of lease deed shall be permissible limiting to the relationship stated in para 3 above, as the case may be
7 Change in constitution other than the above relationship shall be permissible after execution of lease deed and subject to payment of CIC charges equivalent to transfer charges to the extent of percentage of shareholding transferred
8 In case of industrial plot/premises change in constitution other than the above stated relationships shall only be permissible once the unit has been declared functional
9 A CIC deed shall be required to be executed and registered with Sub-Registrar Noida with respect to the change in constitution, which also includes change in shareholding within 60 days from date of grant of such permission. It shall be required to executed irrespective of the relationship of the incoming partner(s)/shareholder(s).
10 Functional letter issued in favour of the Sole Proprietor/Firm/Company prior to change in constitution shall hold good for the purposes of the changed constitution w.e.f. the date of such communication
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